Lower Blood Sugar

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Knowing that you are diabetic you take measures to ensure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and monitor your blood sugar levels. You know that having a too high or too low blood sugar can be dangerous and that you normally have a tendency to have low blood sugar.

Every year people suffering from diabetes can and do enter a coma because they are not correctly monitoring their sugar levels. Since you are prone to low blood sugar levels, you should take the time to learn about the symptoms and to watch for them.

The symptoms of low blood sugar usually occur suddenly and you may experience pale, moist and sweaty skin; start to shake; become irritable; need to urinate frequently or you may suddenly become very thirsty.

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In addition to watching for the symptoms, you need to listen to your own body. Problems with low blood sugar levels can be increased by changing to your system such as not eating at the designated times, being more active than usual or even taking too much medication.

Being diabetic means that you must constantly watch your blood sugar levels. Having a blood sugar level that is too low can be deadly if you lose consciousness and go into a coma.

When it comes to low blood sugar, one of the fastest ways to quickly increase your sugar level is to have a glass or orange juice or a few ounces of regular soda. This is only a temporary measure when it comes to bringing your blood sugar levels up. Once you have experience a low blood sugar episode, and you have gotten temporary relief from a drink, you should immediately eat a proper meal and figure out what happened.

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You, more than anyone else in the entire world, will and can be your own best weapon against this disease. It is up to you to monitor your blood sugar levels, to take your medication, to eat properly and on time, to exercise and to work closely with your doctor to control you diabetes.

Understanding what you need to do is the first step to controlling your diabetes. Read informational pamphlets and books to get more information. You can also go to the internet and learn more about your condition and how to better regular your blood sugar levels.

Learn everything you can about diabetes and about low and high blood sugar levels. The more information you have about this, the better equipped you will be to handle an emergency situation.

And, who knows, you might be the one person available who knows the symptoms of a diabetic comma and may be able to help someone else who may be experiencing an episode of low blood sugar.