How To Create A Diabetic Diet Plan

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Diabetes is a very common disease and in the United States 20.8 million people or 7% of the population of both children and adults have some form of this disease. For those who have this disease it is good to know that it can be controlled with a few lifestyle changes. Unfortunately for many people changing their daily habits can be both hard and frustrating. The foods they have always enjoyed are off limits and are replaced with healthy foods that can take some getting used to. This is particularly true for people who have a sweet tooth and find giving up sugar to be a hard proposition.

Fortunately for people who have diabetes finding foods that help control their condition is easy with a little research and the help of a nutritionist. While your doctor may be the place to start with when it comes to treating and controlling your diabetes he or she may not be the most the up to date on the foods that you can and cannot eat. A licensed nutritionist is the way to go create a diabetic diet plan full of healthy foods that taste good.

Because diabetes is such a common disease there is a whole food industry built up around it offering many foods that are a match for even the most sugary treats to satisfy those with a sweet tooth. That means if you used to enjoy chocolate cakes chances are you will be able to find an artificially sweetened chocolate cake that will taste just as good as the real thing. With the advent of the many artificial sweeteners there are many options when it comes to creating a diabetic diet plan.

Even though you may no longer be able to enjoy all your favorite foods there are many foods options available to you. The American Diabetes Association has a wealth of resources available for people with diabetes including a comprehensive list of foods that diabetics can include in their diet plan. These include meats, vegetables, fruit, breads, dairy and fats.

Their website has this information readily available for free along with a multitude of other free resources across the World Wide Web. You can also find many books at your local book store with complete lists of diabetic foods and the diet plans you can use with them. When the sugary sweets and foods have to go because of diabetes one does not have to stop living and enjoying good tasting food.