High Blood Sugar

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What is high blood sugar? You have probably about this and you figure that it probably has something to do with eating too much sugar. Notching on donuts for breakfast, having a latte at your morning coffee break, nibbling on a few cookies after lunch, with another latte at the after coffee break and all this topped off with ice cream after dinner. Of course you have high blood sugar. But, while this type of diet is not good for you, it might not have anything to do with a long-term problem with high blood sugar.

If you are diabetic you know what it can mean to you if you have blood sugar levels. When you were diagnosed, the doctor provided you with several pamphlets and brochures that told you everything you needed to know about being diabetic and the problems with low or high blood sugar levels.

High Blood Sugar

Learning the symptoms of high blood sugar was very important because you had to ensure that you would receive immediate treatment if a problem should arise. You know that there are several symptoms that can alert you to the possibility that your blood sugar levels are too high. These symptoms may include become drowsy, difficulty breathing, nausea, excessive thirst and flushed skin. In addition, you make sure that your family, friends and coworkers also know the symptoms.

Many people who experience an episode of high blood sugar do not recognize the symptoms when they come up one at a time. You are busy working at the office and you feel a bit tired in the afternoon and you are experiencing some nausea. Thinking nothing of it because you did not sleep well last night and everyone is coming down with some of virus-you ignore the initial symptoms. You start drinking more as you are working and before you know it your blood sugar levels are very high and you need to take immediate action.

Sometimes, if you are not paying enough attention you may have to call upon someone else to help you get your blood sugar levels back to normal. This might even include having someone else give you an injection of insulin. Having other people know what to do immediately when you can not communicate can save your life.

Remember that it is up to you to monitor your blood sugar levels throughout the day and to pay attention to the little signals that your body is giving you. Having a high blood sugar level can and will cause problems, but with careful monitoring of your diet and frequent testing of your blood glucose levels you can avoid potential problems and pitfalls.

Take care of yourself every single day because this how to monitor your blood sugar levels-one day at a time.