Gestational Diabetes

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There are 3 types of diabetes, namely Type1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes and Gestational Diabetes. Of all these types, gestational diabetes is most unheard of.

Gestational diabetes is also known as gestational diabetes mellitus which is a result of glucose intolerance due to pregnancy in the woman. The most important aspect about this type of diabetes is, it affects you only during the pregnancy, even when you never had been a diabetes victim before. This happens as a result of those hormones which are produced during pregnancy and reduces the insulin which results in high blood sugar.

But gestational diabetes is a temporary condition which goes away after the baby is born. Plus, it can be duly managed with right exercise and diet chart.

Lets have a quick look at various aspects related to it.

* It affects 5% of all pregnant women and it starts within the 24th to 28th week of pregnancy.

* The condition involves an increased risk of generating diabetes for both the child and the mother.

* But the condition is treatable and usually limits its pangs in the pregnancy period only.

* Women suffering from gestational diabetes have as healthy a pregnancy as other pregnant women. They can comfortably deliver healthy babies by planning a right treatment plan with the help of their health care instructor.

Now lets have a look at some of the simple tips for gestational diabetes patients.

*Always keep blood sugar under control: You should regularly check the level of your blood sugar many a times a day. By knowing the exact level of sugar in your blood at several points in a day, it is easier to maintain your sugar levels.

*Eat healthy diet: Meet a health instructor and get the best diet plan made for you. It will help you control the carbohydrate levels in your diet. For, carbohydrate could be a major culprit for raising your blood sugar levels.

*Maintain healthy weight: It is crucial to track your overall weight gain during the pregnancy.

*Be regular in your physical activity: Exercise helps in controlling your level of blood sugar. Follow a regular regimen with an experts advice only.

Thus a woman suffering from gestational diabetes should note down her blood sugar readings, physical activity, whatever she eats and drinks in her daily book record. This will help her keep a strict tab on her condition through out the pregnancy which will also avoid any kind of complication in the course of pregnancy.

In few cases women with gestational diabetes need to take the insulin which help in managing their diabetes. As, extra insulin helps in lowering the level of the blood sugar. But this should strictly be taken after a gynecologists prescription.

Some women are more prone to gestational diabetes. Following are certain common risk factors which make you a suitable victim for this disease.

* Previous pregnancy with gestational diabetes * Being obese or having a BMI greater than 29 * Family history of diabetes * Spontaneous miscarriage or previous stillbirth * Past delivery of over weight baby.

If any of these factors are identified, the gynecologist should be informed and it would be your first precautionary step against gestational diabetes.