Diabetes Mellitus Treatments: Controlling Your Diabetes Naturally

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If you suffer from diabetes, you may be interested in diabetes mellitus treatments that are natural. Although some individuals may need to use medication to control their diabetes symptoms, other individuals may be able to control their diabetes through natural methods. In some cases, just changing what and how you eat can be enough to keep your blood sugar levels within normal limits.

One of the first places to start treating your diabetes naturally is to meet with a dietician to adjust your eating habits. A dietician can help you set up a meal plan that fits your lifestyle, but will still help you control your condition. In the past, recommendations suggested avoiding sugar and other sweet foods, but today doctors believe that you can incorporate it if you do so in moderation.

Controlling Your Diabetes Naturally

An individualized plan and a greater understanding of how to eat to control your diabetes can help you stick to the plan and stay healthier. Knowing how to incorporate your favorite foods without messing up your blood sugar levels will make you happier and more likely to continue eating right. Research how to eat for your diabetes so that you can make informed decisions about what and how much to eat.

Doctors also recommend that you exercise every day to help control your diabetes naturally. Talk to your doctor about what type of exercise would be best for your current health situation and then get moving. Aim for at least thirty minutes per day of exercise and do 45 to 60 minutes if you can for even more benefits.

Studies have also shown that some of the following herbs, vitamins, and supplements may be helpful in controlling diabetes:

  • Ginseng: several studies suggest that North American ginseng might be used to improve blood sugar levels. In one study 3g of ginseng lowered the blood sugar level by almost 60 percent from the placebo group.
  • Magnesium: you can get magnesium naturally by eating leafy green vegetables, whole grains, and nuts. Although magnesium helps to regulate blood sugar levels, high doses can cause other symptoms so you?ll want to proceed with caution.
  • Cinnamon: some studies suggest that adding more cinnamon to your diet can help you control your blood glucose levels. One study found that individuals who took 1, 3, or 6 grams of cinnamon powder all led to lower fasting blood sugar levels.
  • Zinc: some scientists have suggested that lower zinc levels in the body may affect insulin production and storage. You can get more zinc by eating foods like pecans, fresh oysters, egg yolks, and walnuts among other choices.
  •  Gymnema: this herb has shown promise in lowering blood sugar levels. If you want to try this herb, or other alternative treatments, you should talk to your doctor to see if there are any potential interactions with the medications that you are currently taking.

Diabetes mellitus treatments can take many different forms, but you may be helped by using alternative, natural treatments. It?s important to talk to your medical team about any natural treatments that you wish to try in case one might interact with your current medication.