Diabetes Herbal

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Diabetes is a common condition that most of us have either heard or read about. It is a condition wherein the required insulin is not produced by the pancreas in ones blood stream and the pancreas being unable to use the insulin optimally, may lead to further health complications. The health complications include heart problems, nerve diseases, erectile dysfunction and all of this is because of the build-up of glucose in the blood stream. About 5% of Americans have diabetes but sadly, more than a half of diabetics are unaware that they have it.

Nowadays herbal treatment is growing rapidly to cure diabetes. The herbal cure in the form of mixture of some plants helps to control the levels of blood sugar. Some of the herbal products are highly effective. Along with the herbal products, proper diet and exercise routine are also required to manage the blood sugar of an individual. This also helps to prevent serious complications attached with this disease.

Herbs have a curing power to reconstruct the body balance because of which people find them a better cure for diabetes. Few herbs which keep diabetes under control are given below. These are

Fenugreek: Soak some fenugreek seeds in a glass of water nightlong. Drink the water next morning and chew the seeds. This will help control your sugar levels considerably. This has been proved as an effective method to treat diabetes. However, pregnant and nursing women should not use it.

Pitasara or Indian Kino: In India, it has been used for a long span of time. From the bark of this plant, the flavonoid-epicatechin is extracted. It helps to reduce the levels of the blood.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is considered as a healing herb. The gel and sap (dried) of Aloe Vera help in lowering fasting blood glucose and HbA1c.

Cinnamon Bark: It helps in making the human fat cells approachable to insulin. With it, the transformation of glucose to energy increases multiple times. It also helps to block the formation of harmful free radicals.

Basil: It helps to facilitate the secretion process of insulin. Thus, studies have shown an optimistic effect on postprandial and fasting glucose.

Trichosanthis: This Chinese herb is used to prepare herbal cure for diabetes as it helps to reduce the blood sugar level.

Gymnema Sylvestre: Gymnema is an Ayurvedic herb which helps the pancreas to create insulin in Type 2 diabetes patients. It also helps in improving the ability of insulin to decrease the blood sugar in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes patients.

Onion and Garlic: Onion and garlic have a momentous role in decreasing the action of blood sugar. During oral and intravenous glucose tolerance, onion extracts reduce the level of blood sugar.

Stevia: For treating diabetes, Stevia is used traditionally with an advantageous effect on glucose tolerance.

Asian Ginseng: Asian Ginseng has a direct decreasing effect on the blood sugar as it enhances the release of insulin from the pancreas and increases the number of insulin receptors.

Certain precautions should always be taken while using herbs with diabetes medicines. These are as follows:

*Few herbs and diabetes drugs shouldnt be taken together as the herb may cause positive or negative effect on the user.

*Heart patients and those on blood thinners like ecospirin and aspirin, should not use ginger, ginkgo biloba, and garlic for curing diabetes.

*One should never stop their diabetes medication while taking herbal precautions.

*Always opt for herbal supplements for diabetes under the medical supervision.

*Never use more than prescribed dosage of any of these herbs as it may be harmful for your condition.

* The golden tip for you is: Always consult your doctor before taking these herbs. He would prescribe the desired dose of herbs for you and would also check that the blood sugar never falls drastically.

A prescribed herbal medicine will definitely have a positive effect on blood glucose and quality of your life. So go herbal, with the experts advice!